Maggie & The JAR

Maggie - Frontwoman - Singer 

Is a 27 years young Dutch rock singer, songwriter, producer, and Founder of the band Maggie & The JAR.

She started to play saxophone at age 5, yet it was during her travel and orchestral performances around Europe that she discovered her real passion, singing.  At the young age of 12 she created and managed her first band which performed around the Southern areas of the Netherlands.

Listening to bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Blondie & Deep Purple, Maggie's desire to perform and share the message of life with an audience began to burn like never before

Like a rebel with a cause, Maggie left her hometown at age 18 and moved to the United States to chase her dream. Her first stop was South Carolina where she started to perform locally.  Later she moved on to New York where she connected with the  U.S. music industry, an experience which inspired her to focus on songwriting and growing as a performer. 

In 2008 she moved to Mexico where she start working with the famous producer Juan Antonio from the 'Cubo Estudio" in Guadalajara.  Together they worked on several projects including co-writing for the popular band ''Bella Nova'' who continue to achieve great successes in South America.

In 2010 with a suitcase full of adventures, new lyrics and experiences, Maggie moved back to the Netherlands and to settle in her current home town Amsterdam.  Gathering a network of ambitious and professional musicians around her, she started her band Maggie & The JAR.

Maggie & The JAR is a no nonsense rock band with influences of the Foo Fighters, Blondie & PJ Harvey topped with Maggie's velvet raw jet powerful voice.

Though her lyrics are at times cryptic, mostly they resonate with a deep,strong and clear message.  On stage, Maggie mesmerizes her audience with  pure and honest performances, where you can feel her emotions and thoughts, and where she bares her heart. 

Maggie & The JAR are performing around Europe and shere the headline at the Rome Film Festival in 2013.  Their first EP 'Dark Blue' has been played on both local and international radio stations.  With their new single ''Whatever '' on the way, Maggie & The JAR is on fire like never before.

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Johnny G. Smith - Guitarist

Weirdo, musician, traveler, guitarist extraordinaire, that’s Johnny in a few words. He lives and breathes rock ‘n roll.

With his swirling guitar solo's and his destructive guitar riffs Johnny blows the audience away! Sexy, highly energetic on stage but charming and calm the moment he steps off. 
With his former band The Loo he reached major success and lived the rock 'n roll dream, travelling and performing around Europe in tight leather pants and always a bottle of whiskey in reach. 

In Maggie & The JAR he is Maggie's right-hand man. And when the two of them are on stage the chemistry between them is mesmerizing.

Being out on the road is what he loves the most. Needless to say that he’s been around the block more than a few times.
His motto is: ‘Live like there’s no tomorrow, make the most of it without compromise.’

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Lode de Roos - Bassplayer & Backing Vocalist

Lode de Roos a name that echoes everywhere in town!! A lot of musicians call him the John Paul Jones of Amsterdam.

As a child he grew up between the theatrical scenery and fell in love with the piano. 

Besides the passion for his keys Lode can play any intstrument.. name it!! 

Lode a well known and highly respected studio musician, producer and sound engineer is responsible for many album recordings, he produced and recorded ''Magnolia'' an album by Rob Klerkx & The Secret, that got many great reviews all around the world. With his other band Farah Day he performs all around Europe. 

Lode did cooperation projects with The Embers, Shane Shu, Thomas Bekhuis and he played with Herman Brood and many many other great musicians.

With his deep melodic bass sounds he lifts Maggie & The JAR to the next level!! Lode recorded, mixed & mastered Maggie & The JAR's new single '' Whatever '' 

Check out his own recording studio WESTCOASTPRODUCTIONS

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Noel van Eersel - Drummer & Backing Vocalist

Conceived in Los Angeles, California, has Indonesian roots and was born in The Netherlands. Noel (aka Stick Motherocker, aka Diablo Bataria, aka Noel Rule) van Eersel didn't like school or playing outside like other kids of his age. Instead of that he loved spending time at the music school for drums, piano, guitar, music sauvage and hang out with the musicians. 

At age of twenty something he joined the brutal death metal band Nembrionic (aka Nembrionic Hammerdeath). After a couple of albums they toured with Dutch rap group Osdorp Posse. It was a solid-sold-out tour, so it was no surprise an album followed soon which was a huge hit on the Dutch album top 100. For the second leg of the tour they played at all the big national festivals and venues like Pinkpop, Lowlands, Dynamo Open Air, Bevrijdingspop, Mundial, Ahoy, Paradiso, etc.

After this adventure Noel played (or still plays) in different bands and projects like 7T-Rox, Kiss This!, The Embers, Melechesh (Israel), Unmask This, Heads Down, The Untuned, Blood Redskies (USA), Anouk Tribute Band, Kiss Lickss, Cherry Rad & The American Swagg, Lovell's Blade and his solo project Noel's M'kay Project.

As the drummer of Maggie & The JAR, Noel is really raising the bar. With his pumping and ingénues drumming he is the backbone of the JAR and he will make sure you will feel every kick of it!! 

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