Maggie & The JAR is a no nonsense rock band with influences of the Foo Fighters, Blondie & PJ Harvey topped with Maggie's velvet raw jet powerful voice.

Though her lyrics are at times mysterious & cryptic, mostly they resonate with a deep,strong and clear message.  On stage, Maggie & The JAR mesmerizes their audience with  pure and honest performances, where you can feel Maggie's emotions and thoughts, and where she bares her heart. 

The driving ingenious drumming of Noel Eersel, the deep melodic and heavy bass lines of multi-instrumentalist Lode de Roos, the swirling guitar solos and devastating riffs of Johnny G Smith, and the cherry on top, Edwin Kraft's epic guitarswag, throwing with low string riffs, arpeggios, and ripping guitar solos all over the god damned stage!! LET ROCK RULE! 

Maggie & The JAR are performing around Europe, in 2013 they where the headliner at the Rome Film Festival, and in 2015 they did their release at a sold out Paradiso in Amsterdam. Their first EP 'Dark Blue' has been played on both local and international radio stations.  With their new single ''Whatever '' on the way, Maggie & The JAR is on fire like never before.

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